What is my learning potential?



The fact that are attempting this quiz shows that you are alive to your learning needs.


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Change the design thinking

What we take for granted is has lot of hidden facts.

We pride ourselves to be great thinkers without realising the biases that are deeply synched in our psyche.

Designing, improving or problem solving our thinking needs to change.

Enjoy this great look into ourselves.

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Making things simple is creative

simple is creative

Simple is creative.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creative.

Charles Mingus

Using sustainable technology to simplify life may be the best possible usage of technical advancement specially when it benefits larger population on our planet.

Such a thinking and usage are badly needed in current situation when indiscriminate use of technology threatens our very survival.

Here is an example that shows the way to use technology to make things simple as simple is creative.

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Time to wake up

nature heart
Nature and cardiovascular diseases associations

While developing residential, commercial and industrial spaces; we tend to forget the basics. It is a time to wake up.

Developing health infrastructure to take care of health problems due to elevation from nature is a corrective response and comes with a huge cost.  Upsurge in health expenditure, whether we look at it individually or nationally, is a pointer to the mistakes that we continue to do.

While developing green spaces as a part of our development ethos, is a preventive step that is simple, common sensical and cost effective.

It is time to wake up.

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Character – An inspiring anecdote


Rajarshi Purushottam Das Tandon was at the time a Member of Parliament.

Once, when he went to collect his salary cheque in the Parliament Office, he asked the clerk there to transfer the amount directly to a “Public Service Fund”. The officials over there were pleasantly surprised by his generosity. One of his colleagues standing nearby said: “There are hardly four hundred rupees as your allowance for the whole month. And you are donating the entire amount for social service?” Tandon ji humbly replied – “You see, I have seven sons and all are earning sufficiently to raise their families; each one sends me one hundred rupees per month. I spend only about rupees three to four hundred from that and the rest goes to some philanthropic causes. This allowance as a Member-of-Parliament is again extra for some one like me. Why should I save it for myself or my family? Such was the character of our leaders.

It was because of this natural austerity and detachment from selfish possessions that he was called a “Rajarshi”.

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nature is beautiful?

nature is beautiful

It was middle of the day and sun rays were filtering through clouds. Right in the mid of Jungle, her only companion was her partner. Light breeze was ruffling through her hair. She was happy.

She said: Look around, nature is beautiful. How exhilarating, how peaceful, how beautiful. Away from the vagaries of the world and free of all worries, life is playing with colours of nature.

He said: But I do not see any beauty in the nature.

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Structured Learning


I was enjoying my dinner at a restaurant. The ambience was great and I savoured the sumptuous meals. The enjoyment was topped by the company of loved ones. While the dishes were being served, I could not help but notice a quote from Chanakya printed on serving mats. (see picture).

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