Happy New Year 2019

Inside or, outside?

While buying my first new car me and my wife got into an argument over two choices that we finalised.

One car had good interiors & good performance but was not as good looking from outside.

The other car looked great from outside but was not spacious from inside & did not have comfortable interiors.

One argument was this being our first new car it should look good enough to be admired by onlookers.

The other argument was that while using this car we are going to sit inside and will interact more with interiors and that should be the prime criteria.

The deal we closed ended in favour of the second argument. We enjoyed using this car for 14 years. 

I remembered this anecdote on the first day of this new year while deciding on my new year resolutions.

And the thought is the following: 

“My resolution should focus on how I look from inside rather than outside.” 


How true it is. Because I am going to interact (for all my life) with what is inside me and if this inner self is good, I will be living this person (me) happily forever. 

May this new year and years after, help us improve our inner self so that we can enjoy ourselves forever.

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