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Training Programme for Schools

Child is the father of the men.

William Wordsworth
If we were to pick one institution that will determine the course of tomorrow’s world, it undoubtedly will be “School”.
This is the place where young minds are shaped, where the best from all cultures is used to sculpt the behaviour, where wisdom & knowledge available with today’s world is passed on to the next generation and where tomorrow’s world citizens are groomed to steer our tomorrow.
All stakeholders in this important institution, be it the management, the teachers, the students or the parents, need to get on a continuous learning path that can evolve this important institution into what it is truly meant to be, a “learning institution”.
To support this journey in_cr_ove has put together a school training program that includes learning opportunities for teachers, students and parents.


Teaching is not a mere profession, it is a responsibility.

Teachers are responsible for what the student will develop into, and in this context, they are responsible for shaping tomorrow’s human race.
Indian school system as it exists today, poses lot of challenges for the teachers such as high student teacher ratio, diverse background of students, lack of resources, to name a few.

Intense competition to get into higher education, trade schools & productive jobs has raised the expectation from teachers dramatically.
Following training program will help schools & teachers to fulfil high expectations of students, parents and the society, in the face of the current constraints. School training programme includes:

  • creating a stress free learning environment

  • inculcating discipline

  • peer relationships

  • going digital

  • developing a growth path

  • learning with fun

  • dealing with adolescence


Students are like raw clay. With the right mould they may blossom to their full potential.

School students are a bundle of energy. It is important to utilise this energy in productive pursuit of learning or else it may become dysfunctional.

With this objective in mind the following school training program has been developed.

  • getting your signposts right

  • coping up with pressure

  • developing the “why” habit

  • basic digital skills

  • thinking in english

  • research orientation

  • learning outside school

  • what lies ahead

  • career opportunities

  • contributing to a group discussion

  • facing an interview


Family is the first school.
It is in the family that the child learns the most.
Indian society is undergoing the fastest change in our times. Children are exposed to readily available information from digital world, television, print and social media.
This information onslaught, peer pressure & parents’ expectations create a volatile mixture for today’s young minds. Parents can help their children negotiate through this maze to remain focused on learning.

Following interactive training workshops will help the parents to rise to this challenge.

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