Structured Learning

I was enjoying my dinner at a restaurant. The ambience was great and I savoured the sumptuous meals. The enjoyment was topped by the company of loved ones. While the dishes were being served, I could not help but notice a quote from Chanakya printed on serving mats. (see picture).how_we_learn


Around the same time we were involved in designing a Shop-floor Leadership Training Programme for supervisors of a large corporate house.

The objective was to ensure behavioural & performance improvement in actual work. Also, the organisation wanted the results of training initiative to be tangible & measurable.

We decided to use this concept in the programme design.

Chankya's inputs 1/4th of what we learn comes from teacher.
What we understood Classroom training
How we implemented it Current status of all participants was gauged through a specifically designed objective self inventory. Classroom training was devised based on the gaps identified.
Chankya's inputs 1/4th of the learning comes through environment.
What we understood Learning when practiced in the actual work environment becomes meaningful & practical.
How we implemented it Projects to practice the learning were allocated to participants in conjunction with their superiors.
Chankya's inputs 1/4th of the learning comes from others.
What we understood A platform may be provided to participants to share their learning out of project work with others.
How we implemented it Each participant presented his/ her projects & these were discussed threadbare in the presence of other participants.
Chankya's inputs 1/4th comes from self initiative.
What we understood Encouragement for further self-study & experimentation
How we implemented it Individual coaching sessions were scheduled to interact, support & encourage participants for further improvement.

Creating great structured learning experiences

At a later date when we were going through Kirkpatrick's model, we wondered as to how these two approaches could be combined to create great structured learning experiences that are targeted at organisation's wants as well as be able to measure effectiveness of learning efforts through evaluation.

The outcome

The final programme  thus designed (consisting of a series of trainings, assignments, projects & evaluation) was hugely successful. The outcome was, more than 150 projects completed that resulted in improvements in productivity, machine uptime, shop-floor communication, inter-department & intra-department cooperation and reduction in grievances to name a few.

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