Turn Problems into Opportunities

Once upon a time, there was a farmer and he had a donkey. On an unfortunate day, while going to the fields, the donkey fell into a well. It cried frantically to be rescued.

The former thought the donkey is old & useless. In any case, the well was not being used and he had been planning to shut it by filling it with earth.

"Let me fill up the well and this will also alleviate the suffering of the poor animal", he thought and tried to justify this course of action.

The farmer enlisted the help of his neighbour and both of them started shovelling the earth into the well. The shovelling and the growling  of animal continued for sometime. Then the animal's cries stopped.

Out of curiosity the farmer looked into the well and what he found was astonishing. The donkey had worked itself halfway up the well.

How did it happen?

In its moment of distress, the donkey discovered that it can shake the earth off instead of getting buried in it and then it can climb up on the mound of earth. It continued doing so. In no time, it reached the edge of the well.

Soon, the donkey was able to step out of the well and happily trotted off.

Life tends to shovel dirt on us sometimes. Need to shake it off and take a step up.

Welcome difficulties as opportunities. Use these situations to take a step up. Problems are opportunities to use our creative potential.

creativity (not cursing) turns problem in to an opportunity

hoist the innovation sail to harness the change wind

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