Management Development Programme

You can become an excellent manager without becoming a good leader, but you cannot be an excellent leader without becoming a good manager.

Management Development Programme (MDP) are structured & customised initiatives that help the organisations' managers to develop their managerial skills & attitude.

Managers must have certain knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve organisational goals and engage employees. In the absence of these essential traits, managers will be constrained to fulfil their desired role. Customised and practical inputs need to be imparted to this important level in a business hierarchy, to achieve this objective.

This techno-behavioural training programme intends to promote ownership at managerial level for enhanced performance.

The participants will focus on their daily work through (the main vehicle in this training) DWM. Focus, commitment, planning, prioritisation & persistence are the values that are promoted & imbibed through MDP. The soft skills necessary to effectively execute their plans & achieve the targets shall be supporting the main objective.

The participants will be required to undertake projects related to their work area that will be reviewed.

in_cr_ove Management Development Programme

in_cr_ove works closely with partner organisations to understand the requirements & create customised programme based on Kirkpatrick model that include classroom training, tests, projects, detailed evaluation & feedback.

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