Excellence through Positive Attitude

Positive attitude is a choice

This life is available to us only once in its present form. How we live it, is a choice that we make.

Choosing positive attitude is the first step to succeed in personal & professional life.

This training workshop intends to improve personal effectiveness in societal & organisational settings.

Who should attend?

Working professionals at:

Operative Level

Middle Level

Senior Level


Shut negative doors

Open door to positives

Stop procrastination

Develop a can do approach

Count your blessings, Not your miseries

Focus on your strengths, Not limitations

Learning attitude

Close door to ignorance

Do what need to be done

Start right

What is the programme duration?

You may choose from the following durations.

1 day

2 days

What is the right duration for me?

Learning Objectives

Understand attitude

Attitude is a very broad term. Understanding it in a simple manner is important to imbibe the right one. The objective of this program is to create a simple understanding of attitude in the mind of participants.

Understand positive attitude

Positive attitude is not a fad. It is a practical and action oriented term. The objective of the programme is to emphasise did necessity of positive attitude for personal effectiveness.

Use positive attitude

Positive attitude is a not a dream with ethical overtone. Using it requires understanding & effort. the objective of this programme is to inspire the participants to use it in their lives.

Interaction Language


Hindi/ English


Multimedia Presentation


Facilitated Discussion

Group exercise

Individual exercise

Study material


Role plays


Q & A

Take Away

The participants will take away a practical approach to developing positive attitude. They will be inspired to use the understanding & learning gained to yield enhanced results in their lives.

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