Navpravartan – Solution Oriented Creativity

Solution Oriented Creativity

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.

This training workshop attempts to provide introspection, techniques for idea generation and most importantly the usage in actual work environment based on “solution oriented creativity”.

Who should attend?

Working professionals at:

Operating Level

Middle Level

Senior Level


Need for excellence

Today's competitive environment demands more than just ordinary working.

Barriers are to be broken at every step.

Elements of creativity

Understanding how our mind works is an important step to tame it to perform creatively.

7 steps to creativity

Unlike the art word, the creativity in the manufacturing & service organisations need to focus on results, thereby creating a paradox. Solution oriented creativity is the answer to muzzle through this paradox. It is a method to look for un-chartered possibilities while remaining on course.

Removing roadblocks to creativity

Aids & barriers in Idea generation

More idea generation techniques

Communicating Ideas

Take Away

Following this intervention, the participants will be familiar with the creative thinking tools & methodology.

The participants will be able to perceive benefits of usage of these tools for achieving targets in their life & in their work area.

Learning Objectives

Understand solution oriented creativity

Learn various tools for creative thinking

Practice these tools in the class room

Interaction Language



Hindi/ English


Multimedia Presentation


Facilitated Discussion

Group exercise

Individual exercise

Study material


Role plays


Q & A

What is the programme duration?

You may choose from the following durations.

1 day

2 days

3 days

3 1⁄2 days

What is the right duration for me?

Participants' Feedback

Want to customise the programme to your requirements?

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