Fire & Elephant – Manage Change

Manage change

Success ties you to the past. The very factors that produced today's success often cause tomorrow's failure.

Needing change does not make it happen. You need to mobilise the support of your people behind your change.

Empowerment creates change.

The core of change management is the art of mobilising the intellectual resources of all employees in the service of the organisation.

Who should attend?

Working professionals at:

Middle Level

Senior Level


Why change?

Keeping pace with the changing environment

Importance of Leaders perspective and his role

Process of change

De-freezing - Change - Re-freezing

The continual change cycle

Changing attitudes

The right approach to master change

Change of attitude

So much to change

Looking out for the opportunities- being proactive

Prioritising the vital few

Change in knowledge

Bridging the knowledge gaps

People development

Change organisation

Process enhancement and up gradation

Mobilising the resources

Resistance to change

Garnering support and initiative

Overcoming resistance – creating the environment for change

Next level of performance Sustaining the changes

Roadmap for continual change and improvement

Learning Objectives

Change is essential to life

Process of change

Change focus from reactive to proactive

Manage change effectively

Interaction Language


Hindi/ English


Multimedia Presentation


Facilitated Discussion

Group exercise

Individual exercise

Study material


Role plays


Q & A

What is the programme duration?

You may choose from the following durations.

1 day

2 days

What is the right duration for me?

Take Away

Flowing this training workshop, the participants will appreciate & understand the change process in organisational reference. They will have a fresh perspective to manage changes.

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