Finance for Non-Finance – Commercial Eyesight

Develop your commercial eyesight

Customer determines value. Organisation determines cost. Together these determine performance & profit.

Successful managers know that their decisions affect the profitability of the company, but are often puzzled by the numbers they deal with. It is important for all managers to develop an eyesight for value & cost of all activities.

This training module facilitates gaining this commercial eyesight in a simple, no jargon fashion that can be implemented straight away.

Who should attend?

Working professionals at:

Middle Level

Senior Level


Finance and accounting

Basic concepts

Business stakeholders

Terms & definitions

Components of a Balance Sheet

Profit and Loss

Assets Liabilities


Cash Flow


Value, performance, cost equation

Financial Ratios

How to improve value & profits

Types of cost

Lifecycle cost (LCC)

Balanced Scorecard

Ways to improve performance

Cost control

Wastage reduction

Better resource usage

Take Away

On attending this training workshop, the participants will be able to communicate finance related matters more effectively & understand the performance metrics, the value & cost implication of routine work & ways to control/improve these. It will help them in getting a commercial eyesight for their work.

Learning Objectives

Interpret crucial financial data

Understand value, performance & cost equation in work context

Understand cost behind common activities

Develop a commercial eyesight for work

Interaction Language



Hindi/ English


Multimedia Presentation


Facilitated Discussion

Group exercise

Individual exercise

Study material


Role plays


Q & A

What is the programme duration?

You may choose from the following durations.

1 day

2 days

What is the right duration for me?

Want to customise the programme to your requirements?

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