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Planning Game


US$ 99 per kit

Rs. 4800 per kit

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it is detailed

it is practical

it is full of learning

Planning Game is a simulation of the practical situation in a manufacturing set-up and leads to excellent learning outcomes.

The game as perceived is primarily focused on :

  • Planning

  • Organising

  • Scheduling

The game may be used for a group of 7 participants. For larger groups more teams may be formed.


The game is suitable for all manufacturing organisations.

The game kit includes game material, detailed instructions, forms & power point presentation/s.

It is available in a ready to use format that can be downloaded.

Physical set may also be provided on request.

The pictures are symbolic & are not related to the game.

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Key elements

The following elements are covered in this game



Team work




Handling contingencies


The game may require 1 ˝ hours to 3 hours to complete depending on level of the group.

This includes time for discussions & facilitator inputs.


Participants will go through hands on learning on planning, organizing and scheduling that may be used in routine in their workplace.

The participants will understand the important elements to make the planning more effective.

An understanding of prioritising & contingency planning will be a major take away.

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