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Get the Total


US$ 99 per kit

Rs. 4800 per kit

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it is fun

it is simple

it is creative

Get the Total is an amazing game with quick & profound learning outcome.

The game as perceived is primarily focused on :

  • Planning & organizing

  • Customer orientation

  • Continual improvement

The games may be used for a group of 20-25 participants.

For larger groups more teams may be made.

The games can be played in 3 variations. However, with a little creativity offers unlimited possibilities.

The game kit includes game material, detailed instructions, forms & power point presentation/s.

It is available in a ready to use format that can be downloaded.

Physical set may also be provided on request.

The pictures are symbolic & are not related to the game.

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Key elements

The following elements are covered in this game




Planning & organizing


Target orientation

Internal & external customer orientation



The game may require 30 minutes to 1 ˝ hours  to complete depending on the variation opted for. This includes time for discussions & facilitator inputs. Takeaway

Participants will go through hands on learning to use planning & organizing for enhanced responsiveness.

A profound understanding of customer oriented approach will be a major learning.

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