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Chess Game


US$ 99 per kit

Rs. 4800 per kit

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Chess game is a simple, interesting and yet a powerful game.

It can be used for experiencing & learning:

  • Team Work

  • Communication

  • Challenge

Chess game may be used for a small group (8-10 participants) as well as a larger group (32-40 participants).


The game kit contains three levels of the game. Each level may be played separately or in a series with increasing challenge.

The game kit includes game material, detailed instructions, forms & power point presentation/s.

It is available in a ready to use format that can be downloaded.

Physical set may also be provided on request.

The pictures are symbolic & are not related to the game.

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Key elements

The following elements are covered in this game



Team leadership



Problem solving

Conflict resolution within teams

Collaborative decision making



Each level of the game may require 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. This includes time for discussions & facilitator inputs.

For all three levels to be conducted in continuation approximately 3 hours may be required Takeaway

Participants bond better with their team and understand the linkages of the game with their day to day behaviour and attitudes in the organisation.

The participants carry away experiential learning to be practiced in their personal or, work life.

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