Train The Trainer – TTT

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation

Training is not just a job, it is a responsibility. Responsibility to a group of people to learn to their potential. Train The Trainer workshops help you fulfil this responsibility in right earnest.

Many situations that trainers face may sometimes look insurmountable. Even professional trainers often face difficult situations. Knowing how to deal with such situations improves efficacy of training sessions.

These Train The Trainer workshops focus on those aspects of training that participants are likely to encounter in their routine interaction/work.

Who should attend?

Train The Trainer workshops are beneficial for:


Would be Trainers


How adults learn


Stages of group development

Learning styles

Understanding, practice tips & improvement discussions

Energisers & tension reducers

Delivering a lecture

Facilitating a discussion

Role plays

Role modelling

Conducting exercises

Case study



Roles of trainer

Training preparation

Training styles

Challenging situations & potential solutions

Learning Objectives

To familiarise the participants with training techniques

To practice variety of training methods

Develop a self-improvement plan

Interaction Language


Hindi/ English


Multimedia Presentation


Facilitated Discussion

Group exercise

Individual exercises


Study material


Role plays


Practice sessions


Q & A

What is the programme duration?

You may choose from the following durations.

3 days: delivering one module

4 days: delivering multiple modules

5 days: generic *

*5 days module is a certificate course

Take Away

These practical Train The Trainer workshops are designed to give the participants a first-hand experience to facilitate groups to learn to their potential. It includes methods, development of various tools/exercises and conducting these effectively.

Post this training the participants will be able to identify improvement areas with a crisp action plan.

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