Learning unlocks all doors

Newsletter Issue 25 : June 1, 2009  to June 30, 2009





Voice of a champion 

 by Arther Joseph


Walt Disney’s favorite words that helped coin “imagineering.” were:

“If you can imagine it, you can engineer it.” 

“What does a champion’s voice sound like?” A champion’s speaking voice doesn’t sound different than anyone else’s, because speech is habit. When we communicate we are “just being ourselves,” But the inner Voice of the champion, however, is fundamentally different. That Voice embodies a belief system and a dedication that commits the champion to fulfilling his or her highest ideals. To integrate the inner Voice through the outer voice is what we all need to do

Here is a thought and a technique for you to try. Identify something you would like to accomplish. Determine if there is a passion that is crying out to be pursued. Write it out and do something every day to help manifest your vision. If this is a new process for you, don’t try to take the journey in leaps and bounds—small, consistent, incremental steps are best. To support what I call your Deeper Self, stay in contact with a slow, silent, loving, and conscious breath. The breath will help diffuse anxiety and empower you to be there for your Self. 
In addition, practice verbalizing your vision. See your words. Feel the energy of your voice. Convey the integrity of your intention. Practice daily as often as you choose.

As you begin, possibly confused, nervous and wracked with doubt - Do it anyway!  You will be amazed to discover how easy it is to be there for your Self and to break old habits. Trust. Commit. Don’t just be a dreamer but become a pragmatic visionary.