Learning unlocks all doors

Newsletter Issue 25 : June 1, 2009  to June 30, 2009






visit or, video call?



We received a call from Ahmedabad. The  client wanted us to send a proposal for getting a training conducted for their managers. As usual we worked overnight to create a proposal matching the client requirements.

We were rewarded with appreciation & acceptance of the proposal.

However the client wanted us to come & meet them at Ahmedabad.

We could not find the time (two days when they & us were available in that month).

And we lost the business.


There is another incident where we were surprised to find a proactive instance by the client. They organised a video conference with their team at Bangalore & we were both (client & us) satisfied with our discussions.


Technology today is changing faster than a bat of an eyelid – our acceptance of it sometimes takes more time.


It is often said “time is money”. specifically fro our training & consulting business nothing could be more correct.  There are occasions where we face a deadlock. Our prospective clients, based in different parts of the country, insist on meeting us before the assignment can be finalized.  While we are more than willing to comply, the time and cost involved make it an unviable option resulting in a no-win situation on both ends. While they have to make do with local vendors, we lose precious customers.

Video calls are the answer to this problem.  While video conferencing is being used actively in some organisations to organise their internal discussions and meetings, they are yet to accept the use of external facilities like Skype, msn that can actually revolutionize the way we communicate.

We have tried to make a modest beginning on this count. We are now available at Skype (name in_cr_ove). The good news is that some of our customers have shown keen interest & have encouraged us.

The best part it’s easy and it’s actually free!


Benefits of using video conferencing in business:

  • Time and cost saved in travel

  • Lesser travel also means contributing to a better environment.

    • fuel is saved, traffic is reduced, stress is reduced

  • It will allow more business face-to-face.

  • it will build better relationships with clients and suppliers wherever they are in the world.