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Learning unlocks all doors

Newsletter Issue 32 : April 2011

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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Henry Ford

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At the advent of the new financial year, learning & development teams within an organisation start the exercise to plan the next year training plan.

The proverbial balancing exercise called the training calendar.

learning never stops


The age of vocation/ knowledge is continually becoming smaller than the human life span.

The Vedic wisdom talked about four ashrams signifying a simple strategy to live a meaningful life.

It talked about learning as the foundation of a life that adds value to society & the world at large in different phases of life.


It is an exercise requiring lot of wisdom & hard work. The teams have to get the feedback from different functions, go through the PMS data, understand & discuss the organisation's targets for the coming year and come out with a training plan that will meet the organisational development requirements.

This is not all. The exercise is to be completed in a time bound manner for the purposes of budgeting & roll-out.

We will be more than pleased to assist you in this endeavour by understanding your requirements, suggesting/ designing applicable training modules & recommending solutions that will meet your targets & budgets.

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read  a song, learn along


Dr. Brij  Kothari was only trying to learn Spanish  with the help of a Spanish film when he accidentally stumbled upon an idea that is revolutionizing the way rural India reads. The film was subtitled in English.

"It struck me that had it been subtitled in Spanish, we would have learned the language quicker,” says the social entrepreneur a fellow of the internationally renowned Ashoka foundation & adjunct IIM professor.


learn to learn

We have so much to learn throughout our lives, whether it be preparing for a test in school, training for a new job, working on a new project or, planning for a new career high. In today's fast paced life, time often comes at a premium and being able to efficiently learn new information is important. 

Following aspects of learning may help get you more out of your learning efforts.


unemployable engineers


Indian IT firms reject 90 percent of college graduates and 75 percent of engineers who apply for jobs because they are not good enough to be trained, according to Nasscom.


Wipro employs 95,000, Infosys 1,05,000 and TCS 1,43,000. Of the Fortune 500, only Wal-Mart in America adds more people annually than either Infosys or TCS.


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