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Newsletter Issue 29 : May 1, 2010 - May 31, 2010

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The earth has enough resources for our need, but not for our greed

Mahatma Gandhi

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World Environment Day (WED) is a day that stimulates awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and public action. It is on 5 June. World Environment Day is hosted every year by a different city with a different theme.

the theme for 2010 is

Many Species. One Planet. One Future and the host city is Kigali, Rwanda

an environmentalist with a difference


Gandhi is a passionate champion of a life pattern based on three cardinal principles; Simplicity. Slowness and Smallness. Modernity makes life complex by multiplying its day -to day needs.

A complex life can hardly be peaceful and happy ultimately. On the contrary, tension and frustration are its attendant characteristics.

A simple life is not something new for India. It has been the set pattern of life of our sages and also, to a large extent, that of the common folk in rural areas. Such a life is bound to be slow and smooth, free from tension and din and bustle of the city life.


Waste reduction is key to ecological advantage.

Majority of improvement initiatives focus on improving efficiency.

TQMschool offers many courses to equip the individuals & organisations to be ecologically & economically effective. Thereby we can effectively contribute to strengthen ecology. Some of these are:

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environment story for children?

Once upon a time in an almost perfect land, there lived a young girl named Anairo. Anairo was a sweet and pretty young girl who loved to dance, draw, play and talk. She also loved animals, but especially dogs and elephants. It didn't matter to her what color the elephants and dogs were. She just loved their shapes, their big, expressive eyes, their soft fur and ears.

Anairo was very concerned about her friends the elephants. They were being hunted and killed for their ivory tusks. That made her very, very sad. She was worried that by the time she grew up (for she was only 9 years old), the elephants would all be dead and extinct. But what could she do?


lean is green

Sanjeev Dhawan


Since no process is 100% efficient, every process produces waste. Continually growing consumption leads to higher outputs and thereby continually increasing waste.

There are many ways to reduce waste.

These are technological solutions, attitudinal solutions, systematic solutions and many more

Lean management is one such method. Practiced worldwide it focuses on reducing waste in whatever we do.

Lean Thinking is all about continuous waste elimination.

That is why lean is green.


city turns deaf to noise pollution


Chirping cell phones, screaming traffic, roaring factories and deafening airplanes — life for a Hyderabadi is nothing short of a pain in the ear! A daily noise pollution study undertaken by the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) shows that in all major areas of the twin cities, the decibel level is almost 30 per cent higher than normal.

The sad part of the story is that chances of the situation improving are also very less. Due to both lack of awareness and government apathy, noise pollution is yet to get the concern it rightfully deserves. Even the Noise Pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules, 2000 is a forgotten chapter now.


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