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Newsletter Issue 26 : August 1, 2009- August 31, 2009

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" Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?"

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How to manifest successful goals easily

Most people would agree that individual beliefs and values influence and determine the outcome of any situation or experience in our lives. That’s why a group of people can go through similar experiences and yet individually come away with totally different results.
Question: “When do most people think about setting goals?”

It’s usually done as a new year’s resolution at a party over a drink or two or on some other whim.


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Plant Oil Stove


Figures indicate that nearly 625 million in India have no access to modern cooking fuels. Modern cooking fuels refer to kerosene, LPG, natural gas and electricity. Traditional fuels such as wood, crop residues, and animal dung still provide for 80-90% of the fuel needs of rural India. Modern fuels are not affordable for rural India for reasons like high cost, lack of distribution systems, etc. Even though kerosene is subsidized at Rs.9/ litre and distributed through the Public Distribution System, supply is limited and does not meet the actual needs of a house-hold.


How to attract, retain & empower employees?


This question stares every HR professional. Though the question looks difficult, the answer is simple.
Use their strengths.
Matching critical work requirements with the competencies & motivations of the employees is crucial to satisfy the economic interests of the organisation & the desire of the employee for personal fulfilment.
The conventional way aims at encouraging the employees to take on new values & ways of thinking, to develop new competencies, to acquire new motivations.


India's land and air getting more polluted



About 45 per cent of India's land is degraded, air pollution is increasing in all its cities, it is losing its rare plants and animals more rapidly than before and about one-third of its urban population now lives in slums, says the State of Environment Report India 2009 brought out by the government.
The third official report on the state of India's environment, published after a gap of eight years and released by Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh in New Delhi on Tuesday, has only one word of cheer - it says India is using 75 per cent of the water it can use, and it has "just enough for the future if it is careful".


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