What is my learning potential?



The fact that are attempting this quiz shows that you are alive to your learning needs.


I have read a new book in the last ___?

I have identified the time slots to implement my learning plan.

I know what skills are needed for me to go next level in my career.

I have planned to acquire desired competence to reach next level in my career.

I know clearly as to what attitude, knowledge and skills are needed to perform my job well.

I have implemented a new idea in the last ___?

What is my plan to reach the desired level of skills?

I have attended one training related to my interest in the last ____?

I don’t have time to upgrade myself.

I have learned something new in the last ___?

I don’t know where I can find the resources to upgrade myself.

Do I have sufficient knowledge to perform well in my current occupation?

How many days a year I plan to devote to upgrade myself?

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Happy New Year 2019


Inside or, outside?

While buying my first new car me and my wife got into an argument over two choices that we finalised.

One car had good interiors & good performance but was not as good looking from outside.

The other car looked great from outside but was not spacious from inside & did not have comfortable interiors.

One argument was this being our first new car it should look good enough to be admired by onlookers.

The other argument was that while using this car we are going to sit inside and will interact more with interiors and that should be the prime criteria.

The deal we closed ended in favour of the second argument. We enjoyed using this car for 14 years. 

I remembered this anecdote on the first day of this new year while deciding on my new year resolutions.

And the thought is the following: 

“My resolution should focus on how I look from inside rather than outside.” 


How true it is. Because I am going to interact (for all my life) with what is inside me and if this inner self is good, I will be living this person (me) happily forever. 

May this new year and years after, help us improve our inner self so that we can enjoy ourselves forever.

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nature is beautiful?


It was middle of the day and sun rays were filtering through clouds. Right in the mid of Jungle, her only companion was her partner. Light breeze was ruffling through her hair. She was happy.

She said: Look around, nature is beautiful. How exhilarating, how peaceful, how beautiful. Away from the vagaries of the world and free of all worries, life is playing with colours of nature.

He said: But I do not see any beauty in the nature.

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Structured Learning


I was enjoying my dinner at a restaurant. The ambience was great and I savoured the sumptuous meals. The enjoyment was topped by the company of loved ones. While the dishes were being served, I could not help but notice a quote from Chanakya printed on serving mats. (see picture)how_we_learn

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Entrepreneur Nation


I remember my first visit to Taipei in late 90's. A prosperous capital city of a small island country.

As a visitor from India, I was awestruck by the well functioning city, beautiful people and all round prosperity. I later visited other parts of Taiwan and even in smaller towns & cities, the trend was pleasantly replicated.

I was really surprised as to how a small island nation, with little or, no natural resources could afford to become such a success.

And why, we in India cannot?

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Turn Problems into Opportunities


Once upon a time, there was a farmer and he had a donkey. On an unfortunate day, while going to the fields, the donkey fell into a well. It cried frantically to be rescued.

The former thought the donkey is old & useless. In any case, the well was not being used and he had been planning to shut it by filling it with earth.

"Let me fill up the well and this will also alleviate the suffering of the poor animal", he thought and tried to justify this course of action.

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An inspiring story – College dropout, Millionaire at 22


An inspiring story

In an age of negative news showering on us continuously, sometimes we take our eyes off the great inspiring stories happening around us. This inspiring story, amongst many, delights us like the first shower of monsoon.

A few years ago, he used to sell SIM cards in a small town in Odisha. Today, one of the world’s biggest investors, Masayoshi Son of Softbank, wants to partner with him to help OYO Rooms with its foray into China. It makes an interesting reading.

Source: Boy from Naxal area scripts incredible story – The Economic Times

Get inspired

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learn to learn


We have so much to learn throughout our lives, whether it be preparing for a test in school, training for a new job, working on a new project or, planning for a career growth. In today’s fast paced life, time often comes at a premium and being able to efficiently learn new information and gaining knowledge is an important factor to get ahead in life.

Following learning ideas may help get you more out of your learning efforts.

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learning never stops

The age of knowledge/vocation is continually becoming smaller than the human life span.

Early ages

The Vedic wisdom talked about four ashrams signifying a simple strategy to live a meaningful life. It talked about learning as the foundation of a life that adds value to society & the world at large in different phases of life.

The learning & contribution cycles had milestones at 25 years’ span. The basic premise being that once you learn an art or, a vocation, it is sufficient for the rest of the life.

The age of knowledge or, vocation was higher than human life.


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