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I am charged up. I will recommend this training to all units heads.  A. K. Asthana (President)

I am more confident than earlier about the knowledge of 5S.  Varinder Kumar (GET)

I feel complete. Sudhir Sharma (Dy. Manager)

It is a good new learning. I will recommend to my line engineers.  S. P. Saini    Sr. Manager (QA & QS)

This is a great training. I will recommend to my immediate subordinates . Vivek Gupta (Company Secretary)

I feel very proud to have such training. I will recommend to all my department incharges. Santosh Kumar Sisodia (Manager)

I have a better understanding of 5S. I will recommend to all people of my department. Raghuveer Singh (Sr. Executive)





Very good matter with examples. Mr. Suresh Baboo Nishad

All the examples of FMEA were good. The style of the trainer was very understanding & cheerful. Mr. Sandeep Rajput

The interaction was very good during training. Mr. Rajesh Piplani

It’s good because it has increased my knowledge & has given me confidence. Mr. Vishal Srivastava

Very well covered as I got complete overview about the FMEA. Mr. Ankit Chhabra

Type of training and material of training is very good. Mr. Narendra Kumar

I am feeling very comfortable in FMEA & PPAP as compared to my previous knowledge. Mr. Deepak Tyagi

Feeling more confident. All the topics covered effectively & in an understanding way. Mr. Utsav Kumar


Training was very good and lots of examples were given. I will recommend to all my associates. Manish Kumar (Asstt. Manager)

I feel proud to have a very good discussion. I will recommend it to my team. Rahul Kumar (Asstt. Manager)

I feel very good due to simple style of training. I will recommend to my all executives. Santosh Kumar Singh (Asstt. Manager)   





It was nice and very effective programme. Sushil kumar Garg

Very nice as per learning purpose. Rajesh Yadav

I am very thankful to you for giving such type of training. Gaurav

It is really a fantastic programme. Shiv Kumar


+ Environment, Health and Safety

This training is filled with perfect examples that we ignore in day to day life. Mr. Sanjeet Yadav (Team Member)

The examples shown during training session have made it easy to understand. Mr. Sandeep Sangwan (Sr. Engr. - Mfg.)

Communication & the processes of explanation was very good due to which we all enjoyed & learned from this programme   Mr. Utsav Kumar (Team Member)