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+ One Step Forward


Explaining method and examples used were very good. Mr. Yash Pal Singh

The interaction/process of the training was excellent. Mr. Jaibeer Singh

It could bring out our inner weaknesses and teach us to become better. Mr. R. K. Jha

This knowledge will continue to help up in the future. Mr. Ashok Kumar

The trainer and his method of conducting training was excellent. Mr. Dhananjay Kumar

The training in worthy of praise. Mr. Shameem Ahmed







+ Consultative Negotiation


A great presentation which taught innovative ideas Ms. Parul

It was really very interactive and fruitful session Mr. Sandeep Varshney

I am really thankful; it will help in dealing with vendors Mr. Kamal Mendiratta

I am feeling more confident now. Mr. Vivek Kr. Karn

It is quite effective in imbibing the necessary skills required for effective negotiation Mr. Ayan Chakraborty

Negotiation skills programme is useful for all people Mr. Shailesh Chakraborty

I am highly motivated by attending this training programme. This is going to help me a lot. Ms. Shubhi Goel

I am waiting to come back tomorrow to implement what I have learned  Mr. George Charian

Lots of gain of knowledge Mr. Pratik Sharma

It was a motivating programme which gave a fair idea - how to get effective in our negotiation Mr. Manish Dixit

+ Planning, Organising & Problem Solving


The programme was very nice, encouraging and interesting. Discussions were held and there was participation of each person of the team. I would recommend this programme to all the new joiners as they need to understand and develop the skills for planning & problem solving. Mr. Milan Paltasingh, Asst. Manager (L-11)

I am feeling very energetic and ready to use the learning. I would recommend this programme to other team members so that they can plan better and organise in an effective way. Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, Deputy Manager

I am feeling elated and blessed. I would recommend this programme to my colleagues as it will help to instill the right methods for brainstorming, PDCA & problem solving.  Mr. Krishnadas. G, Deputy Manager

The purpose of attending the training programme was very well achieved. The way of communication was very effective  Problem solving was simplified. Ms. Swati Chaubey, Asst Manager

I feel I have learned quite a few new things. I would recommend this programme to all managerial people so that they may cope with the planning problems.  Mr. Vijay Dasila, Asst. Manager (R&D)

I am feeling confident, I have learned many new things. Execution of the tasks and involvement of the group was good. I would recommend this programme to my colleagues.  Mr. Budh Ram , Deputy Manager

I feel I have more knowledge about planning & organising. Most of the planning & control related aspects were covered in detail which have helped to understand them very well. Mr. Umesh Kumar Sharma, Deputy Manager (ND1)

I feel focused to solve existing problems in my work area using the techniques learned. Interactive, outgoing faculty and structured way of training. I would recommend the programme to my seniors as they have to plan various functions and this will help them do it in a better way. Mr. Vineet Gupta, Asst. Manager