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+ Stress and Anger Management


I have learned many small things which we forget to consider in our busy life. Methodology and illustration of points is good. I would recommend it to my colleagues, my friends, my family and my seniors.  Mr. Subroto Chattopadhyaay (Asst. Manager)

I am feeling very good. I would recommend it to everyone who is known to me for their self development.  Mr. Ravindra Singh (Production Chemist)

I am feeling confident quite good. I learned how to overcome tense situations & so many other things. I would recommend it to my seniors so that they may tackle manpower effectively  Mr. Manoj K. Yadav (Sr. Engineer)

The trainer interacted very well. After this training programme, I learned many things, ideas and ways to overcome, control and avoid negative stress situations. I would recommend it to my superiors and colleagues so that they may also learn to cope with stressful situations.  Mr. Himanshu Tomar (Executive Chemist)

The methodology and illustration of parts was very good. I would recommend this programme to everyone. Mr. Anand K.  Awasthi (Executive QA)


+ Step up to Success


Process of training was good and interaction was excellent  Mr. Sanjeev

I am feeling very confident about me. Topics were beautifully connected and related to all the games & exercises.           Mr. Karanbir Singh

Confident, enthusiastic, focused to achieve the desired goal.  Mr. Sudhir Kumar Singh

Mr Sanjeev Dhawan has trained me very well with his full heart and soul. He is the best trainer.  Mr. Sharad Sharma

I really enjoyed this training. Examples were very nice. It is very helpful to improve the self.  Mr. Manoj Kumar Yadav

Feeling very happy. The whole training programme is presented in a very easy language and beautiful atmosphere. Mr. Yash Pal Singh

I feel very comfortable and have learned more new things  Mr. K. R. Suman

Inspired! I got a goal  Mr. Chetan Mohla

After this training I am feeling confident of achieving my goals  Mr. Yogendra Kumar

Very confident  Mr. R. B. Tripathi

Every part of training was very interactive and every one of us was involved  Mr. Ravindra Singh Yadav