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+ Add Value Add Customers





I am very satisfied about the training programme Interaction with the trainer was good. I would recommend it to all my juniors & seniors. Mr. Jitendra Kumar (D.E.T.)

The training programme was very useful for me and the organisation, both Mr. Ranvir Singh (Asst. Manager)

The training is very helpful. I would recommend it to all our subordinates and colleagues to improve techniques using value engineering. Mr. Mukesh Kumar (Asst. Manager, Materials)

I have come to know about various aspects of VE/ VA Ongoing interaction with the trainer was excellent. Mr. Arindam Midya (Management Trainee)

Training was very useful for me. Presentation, method, exercises and examples all went well. I would recommend it to all our department as it will help to enhance skills and improve profits. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Saini (Executive)

It was very nice. I got lot of ideas from this training. Examples were good and fully related to the matter. I would recommend it to my seniors to give them a better idea about value. Mr. Priyank Kumar (Executive)

Good process of training with different real examples. I would recommend it to all the new training engineers. Mr. Manoj Kumar (G.E.T.)

+ Problem Solving through PDCA



I am feeling confident and want to live a new life. Mr. Dushyant Khetana

Feeling that there is a lot of room for improvement in the workplace. Mr. Ved Prakash Sharma

+ Put a smile to his face





I feel good; because I learnt many new things in this training programme which will definitely help me in future.                          Mr. Mohd. Mansoor

Full of energy, after knowing the real meaning of customer focus. Mr. Ved Prakash Sharma

Good, I am feeling energetic, came to know about things to improve in life. Mr. Amit Gupta



+ An Open Mind


Interaction was good with suitable examples & exercises for better understanding of the topic. Mr. Peush Mittal

I feel an energy inside me which will motivate me towards my goal. Mr. Pramod Kumar

There are lot of live examples which makes the training so interesting Mr. Sheel Kumar