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+ Kaizen


I am feeling motivated. I will recommend it to other units & in group companies.  Vinod Toambia (Manager Finance)

I feel happy to join the Kaizen training. Interaction was powerful & helped to learn how to make Kaizen a habit.  Amit Rajput (Executive Production)

Feeling very fine. It was well beyond expectations.  A small word has so much hidden meaning in it. I didn't know? I will recommend to everyone (juniors & seniors).  Rohit Chopra GET (Manufacturing)

I feel on top of the world. Kaizen, Kaizen, Kaizen, Kaizen. Now it will become a habit for me.  Anshu Khurana Manager (Materials)

I am feeling very good. Method of trained was very good.  Vivek Gupta (Executive)

I understand it better. More structured approach towards implementation. Proper balance of ‘Theory with Practical’. Motivating examples & proper justification of every topic. I will recommend to every one. Rahul Srivastav (Executive)

I feel energetic & more confident. Topic of identification of reason for doing Kaizen was very good.  Dinesh Rana (Dy. Manager)

I feel very good because all my queries were answered at the appropriate stage. Process of training is very powerful and it is related to my area of concern.  Shubham Mishra (Kaizen & Manufacturing Excellence)

I feel amazed at the power of Kaizen. Well explained with examples.  Ashish Aggarwal (C.E.O)




Now I got the answer of all my queries and definitely I will implement  to my plant I feel, I am able to implement it now. Everything was very knowledge and smooth . Shubham Mishra      

The concept are clear on 5S activity and charged up for action. 
Atmosphere was healthy. Subject was made easy wide visual’s. 
R P Singh ( General Manager)	
 I have been able to understand the simplicity of 5S. The process 
of training was  very interactive. Ashish Aggarwal (C.E.O)