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+ Train the Trainer




It is the great program and it will help me to enhance my training skills.                    Mr. Chandan Singh (Sr. Executive)

It is an excellent program to enhance the training & presenting skills. Mr. K. N. V. S. Suresh (Asst. Manager)

Pretty confident - my stage fear is gone. I can make good eye contact. I can present without any fear. Mr. G. Mahesh (Sr.  Executive)

Excellent program, learned a lot here in this session. Mr. J. K. Reddy (Asst. Manager)

The whole training was very interactive, our doubts were clarified in the training. Mock session was too good , its like getting question paper two days before exam!.           Mr. Sameer Purohit (Zonal Manager - Customer Service)

+ Intrapreneurship




It is great workshop, the total session has given me sufficient intrapreneurship development inputs. I can use these inputs in my life. Mr. K.N.V.S. Suresh (Zonal Incharge - Services)

It has definitely ignited the spark in me. Mr. Rajnish Mittal (Asst. Manager – Field Service)

Elevated spirits, raring to do something new. Training process is very good, completed on time with all topics covered well  Mr. Bhawish Awasthy (Asst. Manager Human Resource)

Program went very well, all participants were kept involved and it was interactive throughout the session. Mr. Saravjeet Chauhan


+ Art of Communication




I feeling happy and got various useful learnings. The process of training was very interactive. All the topics were started with a problem and was enacted.  Mr. Anurag Kakati

I am feeling like, today onwards my way of living is going to change. Mr. Prashant Kr. pandey (Ex. Trainee)

My expectation was to learn how to make people agree with me if I am right. I am feeling fantastic.  Ms. Vibhuti Bhushan (Ex. Trainee)  

My expectation was to handle the staff members in a better manner. I am feeling inspired and more confident towards my job. Mr. Deepak Rout

Topics covered not just professional, personal issues as well. Ms. Soubhagya Samal

My expectation was how to deal with seniors and communicate properly. The process of training which help us to understand better was our involvement in programme. Mr. Pavnesh k Dwivedi

My expectation was how to communicate effectively to the seniors and subordinates. It was an excellent programme. Mr. Pavnesh k Dwivedi

It was very good and interactive session. it was full of examples regarding every topic. Mr. Gaurav Gupta (Ex. Trainee)

I feel i can handle real life problems more effectively. Mr. Prateek Hegde (Ex. Trainee)


+ Deal Effectively




I am feeling motivated and positively directed. "How to deal with people" topic covered well. I will recommend this programme to other colleagues and peers.  Mr. Kuldeep Singh

I am feeling very energetic and positive. I have also learnt to understand the want of others. I want to recommend this training to my colleagues for enahncing their competency & grooming. Mr. Yogesh Thakur

I feel added with market adaptability. My expectation from this programme was practical solution for market and sales professional. 

I am feeling good and learnt a lot. The subject was appropriate to learn dealing with people. I have also learnt how to deal with different behavior types of person. Mr. Mayank

Feeling good ! Some cliche cleared out. I get a clean vision towards day to day  dealings.  Mr. Pallav Dave

I am feeling positive energy in myself which will affect a good result in my working. I also learnt how to handle different type of persons in different situations. Mr. Harmeet Singh

Feeling positive. The session was very interactive  Mr. Ramesh Raja

I am feeling positive and I learnt inputs to increase busines.I will recommend this training to sales persons because its useful for them. Mr. Ganesh

Very thoughtful. Learnt something new today. Related to interaction - treating dealers as customers so that we can serve them 100%. Mr. Vishwanath Hegade

+ Interpersonal Skills




I feel a positive energy inside me. Mr. Amol Tiwari

Very nice, I learned a lot about interpersonal skills, teamwork and many other

things Mr. Pramod Nagar

Topics were very well covered Mr. Chirag Dhingra

I learned how to balance the different situations and how to improve our

interpersonal skills Mr. Munish Jindal

Easy to understand and good explanation of all topics Mr. Sachin Saraf

Motivated and on a high! Mr. Abhisar Bandhan

+ Continuous Improvement




I am feeling motivated. All material was knowledgeable. During the process of training Identify the problem to rectify by own went well. Mr. Ashutosh

I am feeling enlightened. Good use of audios and videos, many games related to topics. Related to subject topics are detailed attached to the practical examples. I would recommend this program to all my colleagues Mr. Mukul Pal

Had a good learning session of 2 days. Interaction was good between the session. Videos are knowledgeable during the training. Mr. Mandeep Bedi

I am feeling motivated. My expectation from this program was to learn something that I will be able to implement in daily job, which was met. Trainer interaction is good with the trainees. all the topics were well covered. Mr. Rahul Sharma