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+ Roots to Wings



A roadmap to being more effective in their tasks, which can be gradually implemented. Mr. Anant Shapti Rao.

It gives you a lot of tools to be innovative Mr. Avijit Dey

Feeling very curious to implement these tools. Mr. Satyendra Gupta.

I am feeling confident and somewhat clear about the implementation of creative ideas in my work. It widens our approach towards life. Mr. Gagan Deep Singh Arora

It really imbibes in you strength & confidence to fly. Mr. Inder Jeet Singh Arora.

It is effective in reality as well as useful. Mr. Gaurav

The best thing was the way to present the contents. It was in a very easy to understand format. The topics covered were very interesting and helpful. Mr. Rajit Goyal

It was very interesting programme due to its innovative style. Mr. Vivek Anand