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+ 48 Hour Day




A very good programme indeed. Feeling very happy after doing this programme, it is very useful for professional life.   Mr. Sanjay Choube

I have Started thinking of better time utilization and positive thinking.  Mr. Virendra Kumar

Excellent, useful for self development. Mr. Kaushik Mandal

Healthy, confident, successful and strong.  Mr. G. K. Bhansal

It is most useful for personal & professional life - to change for a successful life.  Mr. Bhupender Singh

The programme is excellent to help individuals achieve their goals.  Mr. Arun Nagdawane

I am feeling very happy after the programme- it is very useful for personal and professional life.  Mr. S. V. Arya

The training is very beneficial- lucid presentation. Mr. Neeraj Tripathi

Its awakening! – I am feeling energetic, enthusiastic and confident. Mr. Sunil Bhatia

+ Kaizen


Explanations of topic with practical & common live examples was very good. Ms. Susmita Ganguli

Good Examples. Almost all has been covered beautifully  Ms. Rama Sharma

Training method is very good Mr. Eshwarchand

Teaching method and all material used is very good  Mr. N. K Gupta

+ Step up to Success




Excellent – time should be increased. Required to remove tensions and refresh forgotten points.  Mr. S. R. Vishwakarma

Programme is very useful for life. Mr. Jabar Pal

Very good and successful Programme. Mr. A. P. Gupta

After attending this Programme I feel so grateful and have built up my confidence.  Mr. Jeshpal

It is necessary for life  Mr. C. L. Kapoor

This is a very practical programme- we can change our lifestyle for our betterment  Mr. Ashoka K. Verma


+ 5S


Process of training was good. Explanations of topic with examples was very good. I would like to recommend it to other employees for better house keeping at workshop. Mr. Subhash Chander Trehan

Process and explanation with examples was good. I would recommend it other employees.  Mr. V K Kaushik

I am feeling very good after attending the programme. I would recommend it to all juniors in the company as this programme is very good for production and daily working processes Mr. B Sehrukan

I am feeling good and I will try to adopt 5S. The presentation, examples and explanation for 5S went very well in the training. I recommend this programme to my colleagues so that they may understand and learn this techniques  Mr. Lokesh Kumar