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+ Consultative Negotiation


A great presentation which taught innovative ideas Ms. Parul

It was really very interactive and fruitful session Mr. Sandeep Varshney

I am really thankful; it will help in dealing with vendors Mr. Kamal Mendiratta

I am feeling more confident now. Mr. Vivek Kr. Karn

It is quite effective in imbibing the necessary skills required for effective negotiation Mr. Ayan Chakraborty

Negotiation skills programme is useful for all people Mr. Shailesh Chakraborty

I am highly motivated by attending this training programme. This is going to help me a lot. Ms. Shubhi Goel

I am waiting to come back tomorrow to implement what I have learned  Mr. George Charian

Lots of gain of knowledge Mr. Pratik Sharma

It was a motivating programme which gave a fair idea - how to get effective in our negotiation Mr. Manish Dixit