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Guru Shiksha



I have learnt many things and feeling that my teaching skills will be more effective and interaction is very effective. Mr. Rohit Sharma

I am feeling good program was energetic and full of plays and I have learnt how to generate trust and create respectful environment

Feeling enlightened after having from FDP. Good team building exercise and activities. Mr. Prashant

The program was too good and the concept of training was very interactive. Mr. Sachin Gupta

Got some new ideas to deal with students and how to use students knowledge in positive way. Dr. Shweta Singhal

This Training program was good and it is helpful for our learning process, in the process of training question, answering session and solution to the question was good. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Dwivedi

I am feeling very energetic. The program was very interactive and examples are good, I have learnt how to recognize poor students & make responsible. I want to recommend this to other faculty because it is worthy. Mr. S.K.Sharma

All expectation are fulfilled by this program. Whole training program went well, everything was covered and my learning from this program was discussion is important avoid argument. Ms. Sunita

I am feeling that now I became better teacher than the previous one. My expectation from this program was to learn about the dealing with students in the class. Dr. Ashok Jangra

Recalling our responsibilities as a faculty really makes me feel good. During the training proper discussion within trainer and training on each aspect, topics were properly conveyed and discussed. My learning was to recognize the actual reason behind the record of weak students. Ms. Prachi Sharma

Feeling motivated to teach my students in a better way. Related to interaction, both way communication and presentation session was good. All the aspect related to classroom are covered. Now I am going to be more creative in classroom and stop criticizing. I want to recommend this program to my friends working as faculty anywhere, because there are very less session to motivate a teacher to do their work in a right way. Ms. Monika Bhardwaj

I am feeling good. Presentation was knowledgeable. Interaction with orator and participants was good . Mr. Virendra Sharma

I am feeling positive. Videos were good during the training.  Ms. Swati