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Management Development Program (MDP)



After training feeling good, energetic and positive attitude Mr. Gyanendra Singh

I am feeling energetic and enthusiastic in my soul and I have learnt from this program that "not go through life, grow with life" Mr. Naveen Sharma

I am feeling motivated and optimistic, I would like to recommend this program to my colleagues for their improvement. Mr. Ankit Jain

The training program was excellent, Everything was well planned and managed  Mr. Anshul Gupta

I am feeling full of enthusiasm. All the puzzles and activities during the training really taught something  Mr. Rahul Arora

The feeling was good after attending such training, during the process of training presentation of video clip were really good. Mr. Ravindra Pratap Singh








I am feeling so creative. Topics were well covered. Related to training video clips of Mr. Bean were good. I would recommend this program to operator level so that they will become creative. Mr. Rishi Tiwari

I am feeling energetic positive and now start my work with new ideas. Activities during the training was good. Mr. Sacin Dudeja

I am feeling good after knowing about creativity. Video clips were good especially chanakya clip. Mr. Naresh Kumar

The training program was excellent. General area covered thoroughly, a good exercise for refreshing the use of process. I have learnt how to use SCARE technique. I would recommend this program to college student and junior staff. Ms. Pragya

I am extremely happy as I have learnt new things and got new ideas to improve myself. All the session was very good.Mr. Naresh Sharma

I am feeling  very good. During the training, creativity and to do work more effectively was went well. Mr. Mohan Sharma

We should think prior to do new work,  we feel very well for this meeting. Time management session was good and examples as well. Mr. Surender Prakash