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(life, learning, earning)

Learning in academic institutions & using this learning to further charter on a path of higher learning as per their calibre and interest, require skills & know how.

This module focuses on the essentials that will help the students realise their potential and help them look beyond the ordinary.

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Guru Shiksha

The faculty for professional colleges are highly qualified & knowledgeable.

Having knowledge is one thing. Imparting it effectively to students is another horizon.

Unfortunately, the faculty had no opportunity to formal learning inputs in this regard.

Guru Shiksha series of training programme addresses this gap & equips the faculty with effective teaching skills.

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Academic TQM Training Programme

The business environment in India is changing. The changed environment requires varied skills & attitudes from new entrants to industry. (Abhimanyu & Chakravyuha)

Every industry craves for prospective job seekers to have (in addition to the subject knowledge) a fair idea of the challenges faced by an industry and the way modern manufacturing practices like Lean, TQM etc address these challenges.

Young professionals coming out of academics & aspiring to join the industry are at a disadvantage with respect to knowledge of modern work practices. (a new beginning)

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