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We have so much to learn throughout our lives, whether it be preparing for a test in school, training for a new job, working on a new project or, planning for a career growth. In today’s fast paced life, time often comes at a premium and being able to efficiently learn new information and gaining knowledge is an important factor to get ahead in life.

Following learning ideas may help get you more out of your learning efforts.

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What is my learning potential?



The fact that are attempting this quiz shows that you are alive to your learning needs.


I have identified the time slots to implement my learning plan.

Do I have sufficient knowledge to perform well in my current occupation?

I have attended one training related to my interest in the last ____?

I have read a new book in the last ___?

How many days a year I plan to devote to upgrade myself?

What is my plan to reach the desired level of skills?

I know what skills are needed for me to go next level in my career.

I have learned something new in the last ___?

I have planned to acquire desired competence to reach next level in my career.

I have implemented a new idea in the last ___?

I know clearly as to what attitude, knowledge and skills are needed to perform my job well.

I don’t know where I can find the resources to upgrade myself.

I don’t have time to upgrade myself.

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learning never stops

The age of knowledge/vocation is continually becoming smaller than the human life span.

Early ages

The Vedic wisdom talked about four ashrams signifying a simple strategy to live a meaningful life. It talked about learning as the foundation of a life that adds value to society & the world at large in different phases of life.

The learning & contribution cycles had milestones at 25 years’ span. The basic premise being that once you learn an art or, a vocation, it is sufficient for the rest of the life.

The age of knowledge or, vocation was higher than human life.


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