Change the design thinking

What we take for granted is has lot of hidden facts.

We pride ourselves to be great thinkers without realising the biases that are deeply synched in our psyche.

Designing, improving or problem solving our thinking needs to change.

Enjoy this great look into ourselves.

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Making things simple is creative

simple is creative

Simple is creative.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creative.

Charles Mingus

Using sustainable technology to simplify life may be the best possible usage of technical advancement specially when it benefits larger population on our planet.

Such a thinking and usage are badly needed in current situation when indiscriminate use of technology threatens our very survival.

Here is an example that shows the way to use technology to make things simple as simple is creative.

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nature is beautiful?

nature is beautiful

It was middle of the day and sun rays were filtering through clouds. Right in the mid of Jungle, her only companion was her partner. Light breeze was ruffling through her hair. She was happy.

She said: Look around, nature is beautiful. How exhilarating, how peaceful, how beautiful. Away from the vagaries of the world and free of all worries, life is playing with colours of nature.

He said: But I do not see any beauty in the nature.

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Turn Problems into Opportunities


Once upon a time, there was a farmer and he had a donkey. On an unfortunate day, while going to the fields, the donkey fell into a well. It cried frantically to be rescued.

The former thought the donkey is old & useless. In any case, the well was not being used and he had been planning to shut it by filling it with earth.

"Let me fill up the well and this will also alleviate the suffering of the poor animal", he thought and tried to justify this course of action.

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