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Learning unlocks all doors

Newsletter Issue 27 : October 1, 2009 - October 31, 2009

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The scooter-powered spray painting device.

Sheikh Jahangir dropped out of school, just like millions of other underprivileged children in India. But unlike other children, he dreamt big.

Perhaps, this was a blessing in disguise for him. Life turned out to be his biggest teacher.

Jahangir's tale proves that necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Jahangir has been running a small spray painting shop, ‘Khandesh Spray Painters’ in Jalgaon for the past eighteen years.

With power cuts for 8-10 hours in a day, life is thrown out of gear in his hometown, Jalgaon.

"The frequent power failure, expensive charges of hiring the compressor from other vendors made me think about an alternate device."

Sheikh Jahangir (48) has made a painting device that can be easily mounted on a two-wheeler scooter and carried to a customer’s place. Deriving power from the two-wheeler’s engine to run the compressor, this device lends flexibility of usage to the painter. 

The spraying unit consists of a one hp air compressor head and a cylindrical air tank to store the pressurized air. The scooter engine power is taken to the compressor head through a belt drive. In the present system, the crankshaft of scooter engine is extended and a pulley is mounted on it, deriving the power from it to run the compressor. The compressor head pressurizes air, which is transferred to the air tank through the connecting exhaust port. The pressurized air from air tank is supplied to spray-painting unit through its delivery point. Apart from this, the rotary motion of engine is used to pump water, to generate electricity, for grinding tools, for drilling, for running fan and for washing vehicles. The unit is portable and can be transported to any location at the doorstep of customer.

About a liter of petrol is consumed for painting a 407 Tata truck/Ambassador, taking almost an hour’s time to complete the task. This is at half the charge for normal painting. The cost of the unit including cost of old scooter is only Rs. 12,000/-.

Sheikh Jahangir is proud of his innovation.

"I have painted thousands of cars. I realised that a new device needs to be made to work efficiently. My father used the brush when the electric spray painting machines worked much faster.," says Jahangir.

Some of the innovations seen in the movie 3 Idiots, like the sheep shearing cycle and power generating scooter, were inspired from his work.