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Newsletter Issue 35 : Jan 2015

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the local spiderman

excerpts from an article in

Traditionally professional climbers (thandan) have been engaged by coconut planters for plucking the fruits from the top of the coconut trees. But with time, the art of tree climbing has lost its lustre and it is now quite difficult to find such professional climbers. Late Mr. M. J. Joseph foresaw this problem and developed an innovative tree climber that makes life easier for the person. This tree climber helps in climbing tall trees like coconut or areca nut trees.

The palm climber consists of two metal loops that are meant for holding the legs. They have a handle at the top for hand grip and a pedal base at the bottom. The loops are put around the tree trunk on the opposite sides. The loop on either side is lifted up by the simultaneous movement of the hand and feet. By such alternate motion, one can easily climb a coconut tree in minutes.

This simple and easy-to-use device to climb up or down coconut palm trees is handy for people untrained to climb up such tall trees, enabling to do accomplish the task swiftly and with ease.

Coupled with some basic safety devices like a harness, this device makes climbing up a straight-trunk tree or a pole quick, easy and safe. The device, with no sophisticated technology, has not only been well accepted in US, but also achieved a whopping success back home.

Villagers started calling Appachan ‘the local spiderman’.