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Learning unlocks all doors

Newsletter Issue 26 : August 1, 2009- August 31, 2009

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How to attract, retain & empower employees?

by: Sanjeev Dhawan

This question stares every HR professional. Though the question looks difficult, the answer is simple.

Use their strengths.

Matching critical work requirements with the competencies & motivations of the employees is crucial to satisfy the economic interests of the organisation & the desire of the employee for personal fulfilment.


The conventional way aims at encouraging the employees to take on new values & ways of thinking, to develop new competencies, to acquire new motivations. All aimed at transforming from what the person is to what the organisation wants.

 Many a times, we forget to focus on what the employee is especially good at & loves to do. We tend to ignore unique make-up of the individual & especially the motivational engine that drives the employee to superior performance.

The way to retain & make productive use of employees is to assign them work which engages their heart & mind.

Nothing of ultimate competitive advantage can be accomplished in any job, in any function, at any level, except through employees who are both gifted in performing the tasks involved & highly motivated to achieve the results desired.

Want to retain high potential employees?

Use their strengths.

Inspired by the paper presented by Art Miller at IEEE Careers Conference

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