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Learning unlocks all doors

Newsletter Issue 34 : Jan 2013

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Sanjeev Dhawan

What is aakrosh?

Aakrosh is when the long simmering anger against survival issues (injustice, inequality, non-participation, non-clarity, no direction) is vented out in a surge.

It is like a volcano that erupts after simmering for a long time. Before eruption it keeps giving enough signals through hot air, occasional small eruptions that are not catastrophic.

We see it simmering in our daily lives. Be it traffic, dealing with fellow beings, in offices with public dealing (we do not call it service, intentionally), police stations and where not.

When it erupts it damages the present structure of the society.

And may be make a foundation of a new structure.

All societies have a mechanism to deal with it.

The questions are:

  • what is our mechanism?

  • who is responsible for the effective running of this mechanism?

  • how are we presently doing it?




How are we doing it

Decide a vision/ goals for the society

Leadership/ Statesman

the failure starts from here

Make meaningful laws


the less said the better

Facilitate society’s march towards that vision


our institutions' health needs immediate attention

Follow the laws



Handle aberrations through the judicial system


does it exist

Feedback mechanism

People Representation (Democracy), Media

needs introspection


Further questions that we need to ask:

  • How are other societies doing it?

  • What would be right way for us to do it?

Let the aakrosh that we have seen aplenty in 2012 may give way to the answers that we seek.

May we learn from our past, present & others.

May our hope becomes the harbinger of positive change.


 Happy New Year 2013