in_cr_ove is a small team with big ideas

techno-behavioural training programme

Inspirational, creativity & skills training

complex concepts made simple

Total Quality Management training & consulting

it always begins with a story

Online (Self) Learning training modules of in_cr_ove & TQMschool genre


in_cr_ove envisions becoming a customer friendly organisation facilitating its clients in perpetually sustainable development.


in_cr_ove mission is to add value to its clients’ efforts throughout the value chain.

in_cr_ove will achieve it though continuously enhancing value of people, processes & products.


in_cr_ove will provide to its clients comprehensive training & consulting solutions from need identification to effective implementation.

in_cr_ove will facilitate learning absorption by client organisation.

in_cr_ove will facilitate conversion of learning to tangible business benefits.

in_cr_ove will nurture long term relationship with client organisation.

our journey


* Served > 50 customers

* Developed & conducted > 100 training modules

* > 1,000 training programme conducted

* > 20,000 participants touched

Learning Facilitators

Mr. Sanjeev K. Dhawan(B.E. from Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur) is an improvement enthusiast with wide range of techno-commercial experience & a strong commitment to the use of creative & innovative methods.

Mr. Dhawan is among the pioneers & a strong advocate of ‘Techno- Behavioural’ training that yield enhanced results to organisations & individuals in terms of recall & applicability of learning.

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Ashima is  a Computers Graduate with an additional graduate degree in teaching from Punjab University. She has a vast experience as an Operations management consultant & is particularly effective as a learning facilitator/ mentor.

She has conducted scores of training workshops on topics like Effective Communication, Interpersonal skills, Leadership, Motivation, Creativity, Personality Development, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Prevention of Sexual Harrassment at Workplace etc.

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